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QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST Job Openings by US Department of the Air Force in Aurora

US Department of the Air Force Vacancies 2020 - US Department of the Air Force call a new official to apply QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST that will be placed in Aurora.

US Department of the Air Force Job Vacancies 2020

Detail of : QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST Job Opening in Aurora

Duties Summary Click on "" button below to view Eligibilities being considered and other IMPORTANT information.
The primary purpose of this position is to serve as Fuels Management installation technical, managerial expert, and Contract Office Representative (COR) responsible for ensuring uninterrupted fuels and cryogenics operations are provided to the installation.
Responsibilities Independently plans, develops, organizes, administers, evaluates and coordinates an extensive comprehensive acquisition quality assurance program, designed to ensure that contractors meet their responsibilities for an effective (cont'd)
(cont'd) and economical Fuels Service and Management quality program, product quality in the areas of fuels operations, fuels management, Fuels Service and Management contract control and analysis of fuels support.
Develops, organizes, administers, evaluates, monitors and coordinates a comprehensive Fuels operation and Fuels Service and Management quality assurance program for the installation, including tenant activities if appropriate,(cont'd)
(cont'd) designed to ensure that contractors involved in the receipt, issuance of ground, cryogenic and aviation fuels adhere to quality plans and requirement to meet their responsibilities for product quality.
Monitors contract performance through telephone conversations, correspondence, site visits, inspections, progress reports, and analysis of contractor metrics, for compliance with (cont'd)
(cont'd) performance standards, applicable laws, delivery schedules, payment provisions, inspections, progress reports, and other terms and conditions stated in the contract.
Responsible for fuels policy and requirements.

Travel Required Occasional travelYou may be expected to travel for this position. Supervisory status No Promotion Potential 11 Job family (Series) 1910 Quality Assurance
Requirements Requirements Conditions of Employment U.S. Citizenship Required
Males must be registered for Selective Service, see
Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Clearance.
PCS expenses will NOT be paid.
Recruitment incentives may/may not be authorized
This posn is subject to provisions of the DoD Priority Placement Program
May be required to work other than normal duty hours and tours of duty such as rotating shifts, overtime, weekends, call back, uncommon tours of duty, holidays, etc.
May be required to travel TDY as directed by management, sometimes on short notice and including overnight stays, traveling by military or commercial aircraft or by any other designated means in accordance with Joint Travel Regulations (JTR).
Must be able to sign for and accurately maintain the Base Fuels accounts as the Contracting Officer Representative (COR).
This is a competitive Promotion NTE one year. The individual selected for this position may be extended or made permanent without further competition.
This is an obligated position in which an employee has return rights. Upon the employee's return, incumbent may be required to vacate this position. Ref: AF 36-203, para 3.19.2.
Knowledge and understanding of basic computer software (e.g., PowerPoint, Word processing, Excel).
Desired to have 10 years or more of Air Force Specialty 2F0X1 or Sister Service equivalent fuels experience. Petroleum Logistics Management Course, Responsible Officer Course and have some level of Fuels Automation System course training is desired.
Disclosure of Political Appointments

Qualifications In order to qualify, you must meet the specialized experience requirements described in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualification Standards for General Schedule Administrative and Management Positions for Quality Assurance Series, 1910.
SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Applicants must have at least one (1) year of specialized experience at the next lower grade GS-09, or equivalent in other pay systems. Examples of specialized experience includes extensive knowledge of acquisition quality assurance concepts, principles, methods, practices and skill to design, plan and implement an effective and economical Fuels Service and Management quality program. Comprehensive knowledge of principles, concepts and methodology related to one of more quality assurance function programs, Fuels Service and Management control and analysis functions; material control; Fuels Service and Management functions; Fuels Service Center operations, Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 4140.25, DoD Management Policy for Energy Commodities and Related Services, DLA-E Interim Policies and Procedures and other related fuels management functions; Broad knowledge in quality assurance principles, practices, procedures, sampling methods/techniques, procurement procedures and policy that are applicable to fuels operations and fuels management control and analysis; Thorough knowledge of and skill in applying various methods and techniques for investigating, analyzing and effecting corrective action plan on quality problems; Extensive knowledge of wide range of methods, principles and practices to evaluate the contractor's conformance to contractual quality requirements and to assure that procedures adequately control the quality of the product; Reviewing production activities and capabilities in light of contract quality requirements; Reviewing written quality or inspection procedures for adequacy, and evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of quality/inspection systems, including sampling plans; Analyzing quality data to detect unsatisfactory trends or weaknesses in the quality/inspection system; Verifying by test or inspection, using sampling inspection or intensive product inspection techniques, that products comply with requirements prior to acceptance; Identifying inadequacies and requesting corrective action; Computing data, summarizing results, and preparing reports or charts depicting pertinent relationships using statistical methods; Investigating customer complaints and deficiency reports, and providing identification of causes to appropriate authorities; Reading, interpreting, and applying technical data such as blueprints, engineering drawings, product specifications, or technical manuals; Reviewing and evaluating supply systems operations and procedures through periodic audits and surveillance inspections.
EDUCATION: Successfully completed a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree or 3 full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree or LL.M. This education was obtained in an accredited college or university. Major study is in quality assurance, statistics, mathematics, production management, industrial management, computer science, engineering, engineering technology, physical sciences, textiles, or other fields related to this position. NOTE: YOU MUST SUBMIT COPIES OF YOUR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS.
COMBINATION OF EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION: Less than the full amount of specialized experience (as previously defined) or the full amount of graduate education; however, have a combination of specialized experience and education BEYOND the Master's degree level in a directly related field of study. NOTE: YOU MUST SUBMIT COPIES OF YOUR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS
FEDERAL TIME-IN-GRADE (TIG) REQUIREMENT FOR GENERAL SCHEDULE (GS) POSITIONS: Merit promotion applicants must meet applicable time-in-grade requirements to be considered eligible. One year at the GS-09 level is required to meet the time-in-grade requirements for the GS-11 level. TIG applies if you are in a current GS position or held a GS position within the previous 52 weeks.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (KSAs): Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of your level of knowledge, skills, abilities and/or competencies in the following areas: Extensive knowledge of theories, principles, working practices and technique requirements of fuels and cryogenic automated, mobile and fixed fuel delivery systems.
Knowledge of quality assurance principles, practices, procedures, sampling methods/techniques, determine conformance of petroleum product to requirements, procurement procedures and policy.
Knowledge of inspection techniques and Fuels Service and Management Processes.
Knowledge of standard contracting regulations, practices and procedures.
Ability to gather, analyze and present facts.
Ability to communicate, both orally and in writing, clearly, concisely and with technical accuracy.

PART-TIME OR UNPAID EXPERIENCE: Credit will be given for appropriate unpaid and or part-time work. You must clearly identify the duties and responsibilities in each position held and the total number of hours per week.
VOLUNTEER WORK EXPERIENCE: Refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service Programs (i.e., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community; student and social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge and skills that can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience. Education IF USING EDUCATION TO QUALIFY: If position has a positive degree requirement or education forms the basis for qualifications, you MUST submit transcriptswith the application. Official transcripts are not required at the time of application; however, if position has a positive degree requirement, qualifying based on education alone or in combination with experience, transcripts must be verified prior to appointment. An accrediting institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education must accredit education. Click here to check accreditation.
FOREIGN EDUCATION: Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the requirements. You must show proof the education credentials have been deemed to be at least equivalent to that gained in conventional U.S. education program. It is your responsibility to provide such evidence when applying. Additional information Current or Former Federal Civilian Employees (Includes current Air Force employees): You are required to submit legible copy/copies of your last or most recent SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action, (block 24 must be a "1" or "2" AND block 34 must be a"1"). Additionally, if you are applying for a higher grade (GS) and your SF-50 has an effective date within the past year, it may not clearly demonstrate you meet the one year time-in-grade requirement so you will need to provide an SF-50 which clearly demonstrates you meet the time-in-grade requirements (examples of appropriate SF-50s include Promotions, Within-grade Grade/Range Increases, and SF-50s with an effective date more than one year old)
120-Day Register: This announcement may result in a 120-day register that may be used to fill like vacancies for 120 days after the closing date. Applicants may be referred for consideration as vacancies occur.
Military Spouse Preference (MSP) Eligible: MSP applicants, if determined best qualified, must be selected at the full performance level and placed at the full performance level.
Direct Deposit: All federal employees are required to have direct deposit.
If you have questions regarding this announcement and have hearing or speech difficulties click here.
How You Will Be Evaluated You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above. Your application package (resume, supporting documents, and responses to the questionnaire) will be used to determine your eligibility, qualifications, and quality ranking for this position. Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating or consideration for employment.
The resume/documents you submit must support your responses to the online questionnaire. If your application contradicts or does not support your questionnaire responses, you will receive a rating of "not qualified" or "insufficient information" and you will not receive further consideration for this job.
For additional information on what to include in your resume, click here.
Applicants who meet the requirements for and apply as a non-competitive eligible that meet minimal qualifications and other requirements of this position, will be given consideration as a non-competitive candidate and will be referred unless blocked by an individual with priority/preference.
APPRAISALS/AWARDS: Hiring Managers use objective methods and consider previous performance appraisals and awards in the selection process. Current Federal Civilian employees should list any relevant performance related rating and/or awards in your resume.
Applicants who disqualify themselves will not be evaluated further.
Background checks and security clearance Security clearance Secret Drug test required No
Required Documents Required Documents The following documents are required and must be provided with your application. Applicants who do not submit required documentation to determine eligibility and qualifications will be eliminated from consideration. Other documents may be required based on the eligibility/eligibilities you are claiming. Click here to view the AF Civilian Employment Eligibility Guide and the required documents you must submit to substantiate the eligibilities you are claiming. Online Application: Questionnaire
Resume: For qualification determinations your resume must contain hours worked per week (if part-time) and dates of employment (i.e., month/year to month/year or month/year to present). If your resume does not contain this information, your application may be marked as insufficient and you will not receive consideration for this position. If you are a current Federal employee or previous Federal employee, provide your pay plan, series and grade, i.e. GS-0301-09. Current Federal Civilian Employees should list any relevant performance related rating (given within the last three years) and/or incentive awards in your resume. Do NOT include photographs (or links to social media such as LinkedIn), inappropriate material, inappropriate content, nor personal information such as age, gender, religion, social security number, etc., on your resume.
Transcripts/Registration/License: If qualifying on education/position requires education, you must submit copies of your transcripts and if required for the position, submit an active, current registration/license.
Veterans: If claiming VRA, VEOA or Veterans' PreferenceSubmit VOW certification memo or copy of the official DD-Form 214, which must include the character of service/type under honorable conditions (i.e., with an honorable or general discharge). This will be annotated in block 24 on member copy 2, 4, or 7 of the DD-Form 214. If you are also claiming 10-point preference and/or 30% Disabled Veteran, you must submit a VA Letter or a disability determination from a branch of the Armed Forces (or documentation of Purple Heart, if applicable).
Current or Former Federal Civilian Employees (includes current Air Force employees): You must submit a legible copy of a SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action. The SF-50, block 24 must contain "1" or "2" AND block 34 must be a "1". Employees eligible under an OPM approved interchange agreement, block 34 may contain a "1" or "2".
Promotion Consideration: If you wish to be considered as a promotion candidate and your SF-50 has an effective date within the past year, it may not clearly demonstrate you meet the one-year time-in-grade requirements. You will need to provide additional SF-50s which clearly demonstrates you meet the time-in-grade requirements (examples of appropriate SF-50s include Promotions, Within-Grade, Grade/Range Increases, and SF-50s with an effective date more than one year old).

ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBERS: The VOW Act requires federal agencies to treat an eligible active duty service member as a veteran, disabled veteran, and preference eligible (as applicable) when applying for civil service positions before the effective release or discharge date. Appointment of military members before the release or discharge date is permissible if the member is on terminal leave. At the time the active duty member applies for a civil position, he or she must submit a "certification" memo in lieu of a DD-Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Active duty members applying for a civil service position without submitting a valid certification memo or DD-Form 214 with their application will render the member ineligible for the position. The certification memo must originate from the member's military service branch on official letterhead and contain the following: Name/Rank/Grade of Service Member
Branch of Armed Forces
Dates of Active Service (Start and End Date(s)
Expected Date of Discharge/Release from Active Duty
Terminal leave start date (if applicable)
Expected character of service/discharge and type of separation (i.e. separation or retirement)
Must be certified within 120 days of anticipated discharge
Signature by, or by direction of the adjutant, personnel office, unit commander, or higher headquarters commander.

Note: The VOW Act provides tentative preference. If appointed, a DD Form-214 must be submitted upon receipt.
Performance Appraisals for Current Federal Civilian EmployeesMost recent performance appraisals (dated within last 3 years) showing the official rating of record, signed by a supervisor, or statement why the performance appraisal is unavailable.
Awards for Current Federal Civilian employeesList any awards received within the last 3 years on the resume.
Note: Applicant must not submit award SF50s-Notification of Personnel Actions (SF50s). If you are relying on your education to meet qualification requirements: Education must be accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in order for it to be credited towards qualifications. Therefore, provide only the attendance and/or degrees from schools accredited by accrediting institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Failure to provide all of the required information as stated in this vacancy announcement may result in an ineligible rating or may affect the overall rating.
Benefits Benefits A career with the

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  • Only qualified candidates that meet with the above requirements would be processed in this recruitment.
  • Only shortlisted candidate will be proceed on the next step.

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