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Archcare Careers 2020 - Archcare is looking for a new worker to apply Mail Room Clerk that will be placed in New York.

Archcare Recruitment 2020

Detail of : Mail Room Clerk Job Openings in New York

Sorts and distributes mail; operates duplicating equipment, operates copying machine, keeps daily break down of postage charges and stamping. Records receipt of all packages and flowers addressed to residents and staff before e delivering.
Brings letters and packages to post office which requires special treatment (insures, certified, registered, etc.)
Brings stamp meter to post office for inspection every 6 months.
Maintains daily record of postage's costs to be charged to each department.
Duplicating: Operates duplicating/copying machines to produce copies as requested on requisitions.
Makes minor adjustments as needed to maintain good operating condition between prevention maintenance visits.
Maintains Original Forms" file cabinet.
Miscellaneous Services: Provides relief coverage at the switchboard for break: meal periods and as needed.
Assist resident in transporting luggage, personal belongings, etc as needed.
Mail: Sorts and distributes mail to residents, sisters and all departments. Collects inter-house mail and delivers to addresses.
Collects and stamps all outgoing mail.
Runs "emergency" errands for various departments as needed.
Interpersonal Relations: Assist other employee's where needed.
Maintains friendly working atmosphere.
Maintains professional attitude.
Maintains Professional appearance.
Organizational Responsibilities: Provides assistance with resident care where applicable.
Promotes the organizations and department image, philosophy and policies.
Learns and follows organizational and departmental policies and procedures.
Learns and follows assigned safety, security and fire procedures.
Reports any accidents and dangerous situations immediately.
Maintains confidentiality of organizational and resident information.
Performs other related duties as assigned.

Outgoing Packages

High Demand Deliver packages to employees* Assist with telephone inquire/light data entry* Scan incoming/outgoing packages for security precaution* Perform general office duties
Report any unusual circumstances concerning mail delivery, including the condition or conspiracy of incoming or outgoing packages.
Shipped /received incoming/outgoing packages between regional and international offices.
Monitored computer tracking of incoming and outgoing packages.
Typed out labels for outgoing packages using UPS software and ensured those packages were picked up by a UPS driver.
Job Responsibilities: Utilize Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL on-line to track and process incoming and outgoing packages.
Process and scan all incoming and outgoing packages, check paper and toner levels on all printers and copiers.
Keep track of incoming and outgoing packages on the company's site and maintain excel spreadsheet for management.
Distributed UPS, FedEx and other carrier packages within offices and delivered outgoing packages to appropriate distribution sites.
Processed incoming and outgoing packages from services such as UPS, FEDEX, any overnight delivery.
Processed incoming and outgoing packages using computer systems to prepare for deliveries to meet daily deadlines.
Created shipping logs for tracking incoming and outgoing packages to ensure timely delivery and accuracy.
Processed and shipped all outgoing packages via Fed Ex and UPS shipping systems and services.
Ship and receive all incoming and outgoing packages and deliver them throughout the firm.
Process shipping request for Fed Ex, UPS and international incoming and outgoing packages.
Processed outgoing packages using Fed Ex, DHL, UPS and other freight services.
Assist employees at front counter for outgoing packages weight, prices and labeling.
Weighed outgoing packages and letters using postal equipment to affix proper postage.
Handle all outgoing packages, making sure they have the proper postage.
Prepared outgoing packages for shipping using Fed Ex Shipper and other software.High Demand
2. Sort

Sorted incoming mail and delivered to assigned departments.
Assorted and distributed mail accordingly.
Sorted and distributed interoffice mail.
Greeted employees of the host corporation Gathered and delivered mail throughout the corporation Sorted mail for the entire corporation Backup switchboard operator
Organized, sorted, and checked incoming mail and packages, delivered mail, and processed UPS and FedEx shipping slips.
Worked in the Plant mail room, sorting and delivering confidential and general mailed items to a facility employing 800+.
Identify charges and match them to billing, sort and deliver mail, small packages, Perform other tasks as assigned
Scan in mail, deliver mail, sort mail in properly in mail boxes, assist customers as need at window
Receive daily incoming mail, inter-departmental mail, notices, and memorandums and sort and distribute according to departments.
Performed other duties as assigned, such as inventory maintenance, ordering supplies, sorting and distribution of mail.
Mail fulfillment, which includes sorting, filing, packaging, and processing shipments for delivery to multiple locations.
Assisted in unloading materials from semi-trucks, sorting materials for internal distribution and braking down emptied packaging for disposal.
Sorted, packed and dispatched outgoing mail to customers, ensuring proper items are included in the shipment.
Sorted, delivered and pick-up mail/packages in line with established time frames and service principles on multiple floors.
Received, sorted, and processed health insurance claims forms for electronic imaging, processing, and storage.
Performed administrative task such as sorting and distributing the mail, scheduling meetings and typing letters and documents.
Sorted and date-stamped incoming mail, and place it in mailboxes for pick-up or in carts for distribution.
Sorted and distributed all incoming mail, hand deliveries, overnight express deliveries and interoffice packages;.
Sorted, processed and scanned all incoming and outgoing mail on a daily basis for contraband items.
Followed company guidelines for sorting of incoming and outgoing mail to be delivered to inter office administration.High Demand
3. Postage Meter Readings

Check postal rates and weigh outgoing mail as well as, record postage meter readings on a daily basis.
Computed cost of mail permits from postage meter readings, maintained and load copy machines with paper.
Recorded postage meter readings each day to ensure there's enough postage for outgoing mail.
Record postage meter readings daily and ensure accuracy for postage on outgoing mail.
Computed cost of mail permits from postage meter readings.
Record postage meter readings on a daily basis.High Demand
4. Delivery Carts

Receive and sort mail from UPS, FedEx and other mail carriers and load it on delivery carts.
Receive and sort mail and load it on delivery carts.
Receive and sort mail and load it on delivery carts Directs visitors by maintaining employee and department directories; giving instructions.
Perform data entry activities Receive and sort mail and load it on delivery carts Keeps Records of accounts and deliveries made.
Receive and sort mail and load it on delivery carts distribute mail to appropriate recipients or departments.
Receive and sort mail and load it on delivery carts.High Demand
5. Data Entry Activities

Assisted in filing and archiving documents, along with performing data entry activities.
Performed data entry activities and maintained record of incoming mail.
Performed data entry activities pertaining to incoming and outgoing mail.
Performed data entry activities to track mail.
Performed some data entry activities.
Distribute mail to appropriate recipients. Perform data entry activities.
Assist with payroll checking and accounts payable printing and distribution Perform data entry activities.High Demand
6. Office Supplies

Complete supply requisition for office supplies given to departments and maintain physical inventory.
Conducted heavy lifting and transportation of heavy office supplies
Maintained inventory of office supplies and stationary.
Maintain inventory and storage of paper stock and other office supplies, routinely solicit vendors for proposals to ensure best pricing.
Maintained maintenance on all office machines, provided office supplies, operated the daily invoice machine and maintained all building supplies.
Distributed office supplies, fax transmissions, mail, and packages to company personnel and/or designated drop off points.
Ordered all office supplies for clients and scheduled maintenance for fax machines, vending machines, and copier machines.
Purchased and stocked office supplies and provided mail services such as sorting, delivering, and picking up mail.
Deliver office supplies and copy paper; deliver overnight mail; inspect deliveries for suspicious or threatening items.
Controlled purchasing budget to maintain office supplies, purchase office equipment, computer system, and related maintenance service
Distributed office supplies, faxed transmissions and mail to company personnel and/or designated drop-off points as required.
Sorted and distributed of mail and office supplies, including interoffice, USPS, UPS and overnight.
Inventory, order, and deliver office supplies to the various copy rooms on the individual floors.
Maintained quality control for shipped orders & responsible for inventory and purchasing of all office supplies.
Maintained and ordered office supplies, managed mail going in and out, faxes and filing.
Ordered and delivered office supplies as well as kept inventory of office supplies and printing supplies.
Maintain inventory and storage of paper stock and other office supplies, routinely solicit vendors f
Order and stock general office supplies and perform special project when needed with limited supervision.
Preformed other duties such as ordering and storing office supplies and doing computer data entry.
Deliver office supplies between floors, such as copier paper, computer supplies, etc.High Demand
7. Customer Service

Maintained excellent customer service to employees by providing postage, mail delivery instructions and proper packaging materials.
Facilitated an organized and efficient mail room providing extraordinary customer service to contract customers and my coworkers.
Utilized customer service skills in coordinating Mail Center obligations with requirements of other departments.
Handled official and confidential mail of personnel providing friendly and efficient customer service.
Provided excellent customer services to all existing and prospective customer.
Maintained consistent and positive customer service while interacting with customers.
Provided departmental customer service assigning with incoming and outgoing mail.
Performed excellent customer service assisting clinical staff.
Process data entry requirements and customer service inquiries.
Provided reception backup phone coverage and customer service.
Provided excellent customer service to all stakeholders.
Provide quality customer service by co-operating with co-workers
Provided customer service to the tenant companies through the services of UPS, FedEx, USPS and the company copy center.
Provided customer service as window attendant, weighing and providing postage for letters and packages, and sending and receiving faxes.
Assist people in prepping and sorting mail and package's to be sent out while providing the best customer service.
Provide customer service while distributing incoming and outgoing mail to and from multiple couriers of up to 50lbs or more.
Ensured front office customer service (telephone and reception desk), Updated and maintained various spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel.
Communicated consistently with customers providing outstanding customer service on a daily basis, in person and on the phone.
Provided superior customer service by addressing customer concerns, demonstrating empathy and resolving problems on the spot.
Provided outstanding customer service to Accounting, Purchasing and Technical Services Departments as well as outlying branches.High Demand

Collected, sorted and distributed incoming & outgoing parcels, including USPS/UPS, Federal Express, and other courier serves packages.
Developed a Microsoft Excel tracking system for USPS, UPS, and FED EX with serial numbers and customer signature verification.
Receive and ship out all incoming and outgoing Fed Ex, USPS, and UPS Mail to its correct destination.
Maintained and stocked kitchen twice daily, deliver interoffice mail; operate USPS mailing machine and FedEx Ship Manager Software daily.
Receive, sort, and distribute both inter-office and USPS mail, as well as menus, fliers, etc.
Performed various sorting and sending of mail (including USPS, FedEx, UPS and First Air Packages).
Handled all aspects of incoming/outgoing mail, shipping (FedEx, UPS, USPS) maintaining machines/coping, filing
Shipped various packages to companies using well- known mail carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
Organized and distributed Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS and hand delivered items to various departments and off-site locations.
Receive, sort, distribute mail to include: incoming/outgoing USPS, UPS, Fed Ex and certified.
Conduct daily mail duties such as receiving and signing for mail from USPS, FedEx, and UPS.
Opened, sorted, and delivered interoffice, USPS, UPS and overnight mail for accounts payable teams.
Received, sorted, processed and distributed all incoming items from USPS, Fed Ex and UPS.
Receive over a thousand different packages daily via FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other couriers.
Perform all sorting and delivery functions such as USPS, registered/certified, priority, and international mail.
Received and processed mail deliveries from FedEx, UPS, USPS, Corporate Express and Airborne Express.
Manage, allocate and ship urgent shipments via UPS, USPS, Airborne and/or messenger as requested.
Metered mail using computerized UPS and USPS systemsSorted outgoing check ordersMaintained mail sorting equipmentHigh Demand
9. Postage Meter

Ensured all outgoing mail was properly sealed, postage metered, and prepared for US postal service, Federal Express, UPS
Wiped down counters, cleaned refrigerators and throwing away uneaten food and kept log of the postage meter balance daily.
Process bulk mailing to ensure postage meter is set up with correct amount and date in accordance with service used.
Collected and sorted internal and outgoing mail and prepared outbound post and packages with a DM400 Digital Postage Meter.
Examined outgoing mail by hand or with a postage meter and distributed and collected mail from the different offices.
Ensured that all mail and packages are correctly labeled for mailing, with proper postage utilizing postage meter machines.
Weigh, outgoing mail, to determine correct postage and stamp either by hand or with postage meter.
Affixed postage to packages and letter by hand or stamped with postage meter, and dispatched mail.
Utilized mail equipment such as finishing equipment, insertions, postage meters, scales and envelope printers.
Maintained and safeguarded central office postage meter and kept accurate accounting for all postage spent.
Operate mail openers, postage meter, weigh letters and packages and affix proper postage.
Managed postage meter to ensure outgoing mail received proper postage, according to the weight.
Gather outgoing mail throughout the day, process through postage meter and take to mailbox.
Apply postage using a postage meter, bundling all mail and preparing for delivery.
Sorted and distributed all mail and recorded Certified Mail, hand deliveries, postage meter
Operated an electronic postage metering system, recording reading at end of workday.
Weighed packages and letters to determine postage needed using postage meter.
Operate postage meters, scanners, mail sealers and labeling machines.
Operated inserting machines and postage meters such as DI900 and DM800.High Demand
10. DHL

Collected all outgoing deliveries for FedEx, DHL UPS, examine all mail pieces for accurate addresses, tracking numbers etc.
Receive and deliver incoming packages (FedEx, UPS and DHL) as well as prepare outgoing FedEx and UPS packages.
Processed all incoming & outgoing mail * Processed all UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL and all other couriers and vendors.
Skilled in various delivery services such as; Fed Ex, UPS, USPS and DHL, domestic and international.
Processed approximately 800 FedEx, DHL, UPS and Certified letters/parcels both incoming and outgoing weekly for the Directorate.
Tracked, traced, and resolved mail troubleshooting problems with FEDEX, DHL, UPS, and express mail.
Processed high volume of incoming/outgoing parcels to assigned areas within NYC and the corporate office including all FedEx, UPS and DHL.
Utilized Microsoft Excel to record manifests of all received DHL, Federal Express, hand deliveries and USPS packages.
Date, receive, and log all incoming items including certified, registered, federal express and DHL.
Received, processed and delivered all incoming envelopes and packages from FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS.
Packaged, processed, and shipped all overnight priority, Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL packages.
Sorted and delivered mail, waited on counter, shipped out DHL, picked up mail from post office
Receive, scan and identify incoming overnight packages from UPS, Fed Express, DHL and various couriers.
Received, sorted and processed interoffice correspondence, external mail, FEDEX, DHL, and UPS.
Served as primary contact for major mailings and incoming packages from FedEx, UPS and DHL.
Received and shipped different packages of mail from and to UPS, FEDEX, and DHL.
Log and distribute incoming packages from mail couriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.
Interfaced with FedEx, UPS and DHL to ensure received and delivery of outgoing mail.
Performed general shipping duties utilizing UPS, DHL, Fed Ex and multiple common carriers.
Process outgoing mail, including overnight processing (DHL), and special- needs mail.High Demand
12. Bulk Mailings

Post print sequencing and handling of bulk mailings and packaging for customers such as Verizon and portfolios for major Hartford Insurance Companies
Prepared and filled bulk mailings and operated the US Postal Paragon for sending out first class and bulk mail.
Handled bulk mailings, packaged items, postmaster work, operated postage machine, shipping and receiving
Prepare packages and mail, including bulk mailings, for delivery and distribution.
Prepared bulk mailings such as invoices and newsletters, utilizing automated equipment.
Help prepare bulk mailings, Receive and sent faxes.
Sorted and processed all company related bulk mailings.
Fold and label Newsletters for occasional bulk mailings.
Sorted mail by zip code for bulk mailings.
Processed Foreign and Domestic Bulk Mailings Catalog preparation of Dealer and Users Catalogs.
Order office supplies ~Operated the postage meter machine to prepare bulk mailings.
Maintained and operated mailroom equipment to prepare and mail bulk mailings.
Receive orders from customers Ship orders to customers Assist in the preparation of

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